"Life Options"

We seem to end up believing some times, that life decides for us.. That It jus shows up and we must carry whatever it brings. And we just force ourselves to continue on a path not always right.. It takes courage to stop, step back and look at the whole picture.. and slowly realize that life will keep showing up on us but it will always offer more than one option, but its all up to us to find it.

It all makes sense again..

Some times, every day life duties and responsibilities, may take an artist away for a while.. away from creating, from giving life to a new piece of art on a blanc canvas..  So many duties on the list, just makes it feel impossible to find the time to create, to find the peace to find inspiration again.. and then one day,  just when we feel already so far and not knowing where to start again, feeling forced to stop, to breath, to feel silence for just a moment, is the answer.. and there it is, Inspiration, deep inside, where it has always been.. as simple as having a look out the window.. And then it all makes sense again..

March 21, 2016

The Home Land..

Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Traveling around the world can be exciting.. New lands to discover, along with wonderful people, traditions, architecture, colors and wonderful moments.. But nothing compares to ones own land.. The only place where colors, music, tastes and aromas will take you back to the first years.. a chain of memories pulled by Images of Landscapes for ever frozen in your mind, beyond time and distance..