Alexandra Neira

Alexandra Neira was born in Bogota, Colombia, where her natural love for the art began. Over the years, having had the opportunity to travel through and live in other countries, she gained great knowledge and appreciation of other cultures and architecture that surrounded her.   Drawn to and fascinated by the aesthetic and structural elements of architecture, along with her interest in photography, she began furthering her discoveries in mixed-media applications that are now the brand of this masterful series, “Dreams of the big city”.

Artist Statement

As a graphic designer I began to feel very commercial with my career and decided to continue my long life study of all arts, including Oil painting,  Photography, Drawing, Ceramics and Art History among others.
I found my artistic voice by combining personal photography and painting skills to express a sense of place, juxtaposed with mystery, which invites the viewer to be a participant rather than just a spectator.
As a world wide traveler, my photographs and paintings bring home a slice of the places others may never experience, by introducing cultures and the mystery of far away lands.


Certified Artist by the Museum of the Americas, Miami. 2013

Museum of Modern Art NY, USA. Modern and Contemporary Art.  2012
Museum of Modern Art NY, USA. Experimenting with Collage. 2012
Artistic Photography Studies. Alejandro Gonzalez. Istanbul, Turkey. 2006
Oil painting techniques. Master Ramus Ipek Studio. Istanbul, Turkey. 2003-2007
Graphic Design, Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale. Florida, USA. 1992